Sweden 2017

Wed 14/6/17

The night’s sleep was good, but the workman woke us as they started at 6:30!

No surprise really they started at that time yesterday!

The weather was good, which meant we could proceed with our plans.

Fed it was out for a massive drive of 10K to Kronoberg castle. A ruined castle stood on an island, the sun shining made the visit enjoyable. We looked around and watched the birds flying around. The Canada Geese were protective of their young so we gave them room, but they were pretty goslings.

After a drink and being attacked by a VERY large insect we moved on.

The road took us towards Åby where we found the lock on the water way and fed the ducks. The weather encouraged us to look for somewhere to get some food for a picnic.

After a 20K round trip we ended up back at the lock and settled down for lunch. the weather held off just long enough for us to finish eating and get back in the car. Then it rained, not hard, but still wet.

Fed, we headed out for a drive, finding an old mill that had been abandoned and dismantled. Back on the road the rain got worse, no problem, we were heading back to our room anyway.

Once back we chilled, sorted out things and had a salad sitting on the bench outside the room. Finally we settled down for our last night in Sweden, tomorrow we start the long drive homewards.