Sweden 2017

Thurs 15/6/17


Up, fed and loaded we hit the road and headed towards Helsingborg, aiming  for lunch there before catching a ferry to Denmark. as we drove the dull weather got better so that we arrived in Helsingborg in sunshine.

A car park was found and we walked into the shopping street and had a look around. After visiting the Kärnan tower we found a place to eat.

Skagen (prawns, fish sticks and herbs in mayo, tasty) on jacket potatos with a salad side went down well. Several glasses of water and a couple of coffees later we left the town via the ferry heading to Helsingore and Denmark.

After leaving the ferry we parked in the town and found a cafe/bar we'd visited last year. We were aiming to Ficka but ended up with a piece of apple cake between us and a glass of apple juice for Val. I had a beer, what else?

Settled, we were back on the road heading for Femhøj, and straight into Danish traffic.

Being local to Copenhagen we were in the commuter belt, ouch! Slow traffic started to add time to the journey and slowed us down. We didn't have far to go, but it seemed to be tacking us for ever. As we crossed a toll bridge onto Odense we turned right and found a car park to have a rest. Result, there was re-cycling station so we got rid of all the accumulated cans, jars and bottles before a comfort visit and then back on the road.

The hotel we stayed in in Femhøj was an old school, recently modified into a super little accommodation centre. Once in the room we went out to the rear patio and had a free coffee. This was where we ate, I brought the food from the car and we set about eating the last of our supplies. a couple of beers from the car washed the salami salad makkor down.

Finally we retired, hoping to get a good rest before the next days travel, down into Germany.