Sweden 2017

Sat 17/6/17


Breakfast over, another good one, we left. Today's target was the ferry home.

A quick check showed where the traffic jams were so a quick re-calculation found us leaving the main motorway and diverting via Meppen, which was just a random way point to get us off the main route, and not somewhere we intended visiting.

The road rolled past and we were soon in Holland, the boarder marked by the sudden change from German registered cars to Dutch ones!

We'd made good time so a quick diversion found us in Gouda. The cyclist there seem to have a death wish, obviously red lights don't apply to them! After finding a car park we walked into the market square where we ate.

The 'Gouda Lunch' went down well (cheese soup, cheese sandwich and cheese croquet, er..) and fed, we had a wander. nice historic town and worth a revisit when we have more time maybe.

Back in the car it was back on the road to the port, all I can say here is it would be nice for a couple of signs pointing the way (are you listening P&O?)

Frazzled we found the ferry, loaded and had a drink to relax. Sitting in the sun we soon calmed down after the hectic last section of driving. Europort Rotterdam is a b****r of a place to navigate when you don't know where you're going.

Finally we ate in the cabin before reading and then going to sleep.