Sweden 2017

Fri 2/6/17


Breakfast, unlike anything else food wise was available. And very good it was too!

Orange juice, yoghurt, a plate of meats and cheeses and plenty of coffee, super! It’s a shame they no longer did evening food if this is their standards.

Well fed it was back on the road and north to our second ferry this holiday his time from Germany to Denmark.

We arrived an hour early, got straight on and, by 10:00 were on the roads of Denmark heading towards Copenhagen. An easy drive with non of the traffic problems of the drive through Holland and Germany. We stopped for a coffee mid morning then carried on, across ’The Bridge’ into Sweden, 3 countries in one day, not bad eh?

Hej Sverige, we drove down to Ystad where we parked and walked into the town for some lunch. The open sandwiches we had were a blue cheese and very tasty, Val had a coffee with hers, I, true to form, had a beer. Fed it was back on the road to Ales Stenar, a Viking age standing stones site.

The stones were re-used dolmans from Neolithic sites, they had been placed in a ship shape and told the time astrologically by aligning at the solstices and equinoxes. They had been erected around 500AD.

From the stones we dropped onto the sea front at Kåseberga and had a snack, potatis moss och sill med lingonberry. That’s smoked herring with mashed potatoes. Very healthy and tasty. 2 small beers washed the meal down and prepared us for our final bit of driving for the day.

Back in the car we headed off into the middle of nowhere and a little cabin for the night. This was, in fact, at Bjurmangarden.

On arriving we settled in, wrote diaries, read books, drank, watched wildlife and then had a final meal. This time we ate from the food we’d brought with us so nothing special.

Finally, bed