Sweden 2017

Sat 3/6/17


Up with the lark and breakfasted we watched deer across the fields before packing the car and setting off on today’s drive.

We followed the road as far as Kristianstad then turned left to take a scenic route around a lake. Nice. Even better was the free coffee in the castle/hotel. We asked if we could get a coffee, reception told us it was OK and sent us to the restaurant. There we were pointed at the breakfast bar and told to help ourselves. Nobody seemed willing or bothered about taking any money, so we ended up not paying!

Back on the road and through some nice scenery we eventually re-joined the main road.

Lunch was a picnic in a road side rest area before we took a second detour down to the coast for our first look at Öland.

On once more and over the bridge to our final destination for the day. A short stop to stretch legs then on to the hotel, Eksgården Krog och Rum. As we booked in we also booked a table for an evening meal, after all the hotel is in The White Guide ( a Scandinavian version of the Michelin guide, but without the tyres…)

Room found and suitably messed up we headed back out for a short sortie and to get some idea of what we could do in the morning. There’s plenty of road, mostly just the one going around the island, and just far enough away from the coast so you can’t see the sea!

Back in our room we blew up a shower head (yes really!) and then got ready for the evenings entertainment.

The meal was something else, Val started with a steak tartar and I had a local rabbit dish. The flavour was something else. For the main it was a lamb dish for Val, the meat was so tender it almost melted when cut. I had a Hake steak, again it was so well cooked that it almost melted in the mouth.

We had a beer apiece as we ate and a coffee to finish of. No sweet. Surprisingly neither of us wanted one!

Back in the room we settled down with a brandy and books before finally going to sleep.