Sweden 2017

Sun 4/6/17


Hot sunshine, so we ate breakfast in the courtyard, yoghurt, muesli, meat and cheese were all on the list. As well as good coffee. Well fed we collected our things and headed out to the car for a day’s exploring.

First stop was Mörbylönga for some supplies, then a drive down the west of the island and several stops at stone age to Viking age sites. Very interesting. The road led us to Ottenby, a nature reserve.

Once there we walked to the tip of the island and watched seals and birds before eating at the restaurant. Another herring and mash dish for Val while I had thick bacon and a sort of rice and celeriac (I think!) cake. Coffees washed the food down and then it was off to the top of the reserve and a walk.

We got lost and walked further than intended, but did see a wood pecker and plenty of deer. It was whilst heading back to the car that the weather broke.

We drove steadily back to the hotel, neither of us feeling like stopping and getting wetter, the consensus was that we would return to our room and chill out.

Back in the room, it was 5:00 in the evening we had a sneaky meal and couple of drinks from our supplies, the restaurant menu was the same as the night before and neither of us felt like a repeat.

Fed and slightly tired we read and watched TV before finally going to bed.