Sweden 2017

Mon 5/6/17


Breakfast was another good one, like yesterdays we ate well, and once fed we loaded the car and set off for another day’s driving to our next bed.

Leaving Öland we turned north and drove towards Linköping, stopping only for fuel and a coffee on a lake side.

Once at Linköping we stopped for a wander around their ‘old town’.

This was in fact a collection of the old buildings of significance from the old ‘köping. They had plaques telling their story and some/most had been re-used as retail outlets. No problem, we ‘ficka’d ‘ in a café before wandering back to the car and heading towards Borg.

A left turn found us at the Göta Canal. An hour and more was then spent watching boats descend through the 7 locks to the lake below. There are actually 11 locks, but the longest run is 7. before moving away from the locks we had a korvinabun and watched Diana (a beautiful old cruise boat) descend from the top locks into the middle ones.

A quick stop at an ‘ICA’ for supplies and then on to the Vreta Kloster golf club.

Yes that’s right, we stayed in a cabin on a golf club for the night.

The cabin is an understatement, it’s a one bed house! All mod cons and more were included, wifi, fridge, TV, you name it.

Once installed, Val had a deserved rest watching golfers driving off the practice tees whilst I got our evening meal ready, a simple salad with sill, salami and cheese. Val cut up a watermelon section to finish off . Well fed we tided up and then spent the evening with books, beer, wine and TV before retiring for the night.