Sweden 2017

Wed 7/6/17


A good night’s sleep and we had a coffee in bed watching the weather forecast. It looks as though there’s a band of rain that will pass through mid afternoon, we’ll see what happens.

Out side it was raining, that was it for the morning!

We ate breakfast and set of heading for Ekjsö, a town not too far from our accommodation which has an old sector. It rained all the way there.

A shame really as we passed and stopped off at southern Sweden's highest waterfall (20 meters High, honest!) which was followed by a random police breathalyser check for Val as the driver. Hint, speak English to the police they speak better English than we do Swedish!

Test passed we drove on to Eksjö.

The town is a garrison town, which meant there were no refugees and few migrants, don’t know why! The old town was small and well presented; there was a nice café where we stopped for a coffee and cakes before we carried on with our slightly wet wander.

As lunch time approached we checked out the tourist office and then decided to eat in the town. By this time the rain had stopped and the sun came out.

Back in the same café we had a nice prawn salad for lunch, taking our time and savouring the flavours of the meal. Satisfied we walked back to the car and moved on, north.

We followed the road, stopping to admire a church and then a crane before turning on to the road to Torpon, an island on Sommen lake.

We drove along the island, stopping to look at wildlife on the way. As we reached the northern tip and it’s ferry port we stopped and had an ice cream each. I say ferry port, there was a cable ferry across 50m of water, still it gave us a break. We didn’t cross the ferry, instead we re-traced our route down the island.

As we drove we saw a hare ( probably the 6th this holiday!) that stopped at the side of the road and looked at us before lolloping away into the woods. Another corner held an area on the lake where numerous Grebes were nesting, this site alone was impressive. We had also seen a woodpecker, some bright yellow birds (linnets?) and a deer.

Eventually we found ourselves passing through Västerås where we did a quick food shop and then headed home.

Yet another seafood salad for tea with caviar as a starter and all washed down with wine and beer. We eat well on holiday, not that we don’t at home, but caviar?.....

Satisfied we settled for an evening with books and TV before finally going to sleep.