Sweden 2017

Fri 9/6/17


The morning turned out wet, well after we set off it did.

We said a fond goodbye to our hosts at Olstorp and hit the road heading south(ish) and an appointment in Falkenberg. The miles flowed under the wheels until some idiot shouted “MOOOOOSE!!”

It should have been “EEEEEELK!”

In the rough land a dozen meters or so from the road an elk was grazing, I saw it, Val did a quick u-turn and so we got to see one of Sweden’s most elusive animals. It watched me taking pictures of it for a minute or so then turned and in a few strides melted into the woodland.


The rest of the drive was interruption free, we had a break for fika and that was it.

Falkenberg was entered, Benny and Lotta hugged and we were at home, well for the next three nights anyway.

After watching the student’s graduation parade we retired to a bar, so typically Swenglish! Our little group of four soon grew as old friends joined us.

Slowly we returned to Benny and Lotta’s house where we spent the evening drinking and catching up, before a late night to bed.