Sweden 2017

Wed 21/6/17


Mid summer's day, and a time to reflect.

The drive was long but worth it. This holiday has brought home just how much we enjoy solitude and good scenery.

The towns we visited were nowhere as busy as our home ones, which gave a relaxed, in general, feel to them.

The standard of life in Scandinavia just seems so good. There doesn't seem to be any rush in the day to day life (That's outside the big cities like Stokholm of course)

Food, well if you like seafood and fish the food is good to fantastic.

The restaurants have a varied selection, everything from sausage and fries to cordon bleau menus. the prices are on a par with the rest of Europe so eating out doesn't have to be too expensive, we did it for 20 or so on several occasions.

The drinks though are expensive, 5 pints are common. But, and it's a big but, the beer is 2-3 times the strength of UK offerings and much better tasting, so you don't need to drink much (trust me, I know!) and a night out is usually cheaper than in the UK.

Next time (year?) when we go back we'll investigate the Hull Zeebrugge crossing.

Not because it's nearer, it's actually further on the roads through Europe, but the port is so easy to enter and leave. That alone and the different roads to Denmark may make it worth the longer drive, we'll see....